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AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® Specialist RIP Software designed for use with popular Epson based DTG, DTF & UV Printers. 

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AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® v11.2  Now Available

AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® v11.2 now available in two new versions – See v11 features. More v11 release Info here
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Focus On Your Designs & Business, Not Troubleshooting Your PRINTS.

Specialised printing hardware is more accessible that ever. DTG (Direct To Garment) & UV Printers are cheaper that ever. All while Cost effective Techniques like DTF (Direct To Film) are revitalising the printing industry. Capitalise on this new Printing revolution! Whether you buy a specialist printer or repurpose a desktop printer – AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® software simplifies the raster-image-processing process.

AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® v11 DesktopDTF

AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® v11 desktopDTF, Support a List of EPSON Based DTG/DTF & UV Printers Up to A3+(330mm) Wide

Starting From: R 8 279

AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® v11 WideDTF

AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® v11 wideDTF, Support a List of EPSON Based DTG/DTF & UV Printers Over A3+(Over 330mm) Size

Starting From: R 10 234
AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® v11.2 now available in two new versions – See v11 features. More v11 release Info here

Popular AM.co.za® AcroRIP® Software Features

acrorip white levels sublimation printer am.co.za

One-Pass White Printing

One-pass white and colour printing. No more multiple  passes for dark shirts, fabrics or other substrates. 

acrorip channels sublimation printer am.co.za

Custom Channels v10.5+ New!

Configure & change colour & white channels on demand based on your custom requirements. 

acrorip sublimation paper multi image printer am.co.za

Multi-Image Handling New in v11

From AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® V11+, the new interface allows for multiple images to be handled at once. Increasing your efficiency and output.
acrorip sublimation printer am.co.za

WAVE for UV Printers New!

Alleviates possible banding by  Epson UV Printers’ Printheads and allows for a “wider spray”.

acrorip sublimation printer am.co.za

Proprietary RIP BOOST New!

Proprietary RIP BOOST ™ setting can increase some the Epson printers speeds by up to 30-40%.

acrorip v11 Expanded RIP BOOST support am.co.za

Expanded RIPBOOST New in v11

Proprietary RIP BOOST ™ setting can increase some the Epson printers speeds by up to 30-40%. expanded RIP 

acrorip v11 Windows 11 am.co.za

Windows 11 support New in v11!

Windows 11 compatible from ACRORIP® V11. ACRORIP® V10.5 Windows 7/ 8/ 10 compatible.

acrorip epson surecolor support_am.co.za

P700 & P900 support From v11!

Popular Epson SureColor P700/ P900 support now available in ACRORIP ® V11 desktopDTF

acrorip image profiles paper multi image printer am.co.za

ICC Colour Profiles

Take control with updated ICC profiles for advanced colour management. What is see on screen is now even closer to what is printed.

acrorip sublimation paper cut printer am.co.za

"Paper Cut" Function

The Paper Cut function now works with 4800/ 4880/ 4900/ P5000/ 7800/ 7880 Epson Printer models.

acrorip sublimation paper loading printer am.co.za

Faster Loading Times

Say goodbye to loading bars with faster load-times as compared to previous versions. Speeding up turnaround time.
acrorip v11 Expanded printer support am.co.za

More Models Supported In v11!

ACRORIP® V11 DesktopDTF & WideDTF includes more supported printer models.

AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® Recommended Printers

Compatible With AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP®:
v10.3, V11 DESKTOPDTF® +
Compatible With AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP®:
v10.3, V11 DESKTOPDTF® +
Compatible With AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP®:
v10.1, V11 DESKTOPDTF® +
Compatible With AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP®:
v10.1, V11 DESKTOPDTF® +
Compatible With AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP®:
v10, V11 DESKTOPDTF® +

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Amazing Guy!...one message and i was sorted with my Vinyl cutter software and Drivers...Thanks Ngoni...really appreciate it bud...
Great , stress free. Something that I was scared off, am.co.za made it painless and excited. Thanks to am.co.za TEAM great job well done. Helped with software and drivers, am.co.za support team made it possible for me to enjoy my new adventure
Love to deal with them! I had my very first big laser from 2013. I can't believe we had 6 machines all from them! my business are blessed! Thank you!
Walter Sethaunyane is such a helpful technician, very adept and efficient at what he does. I have only ever received excellent service. Thank you AM.CO.ZA for having the best technicians to make our world easy and convenient

AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® frequently asked questions

About AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® Software

AcroRIP software is a Raster Image Processing software for Epson printers that directly contact the printer and allow it to print white channels that the original Epson printer driver is not capable of printing. With the white channel printing capabilities, you can use the very affordable home / office Epson printer for rather than a traditionally more expensive operation of DTG (Direct-to-Garment) and DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing.

AcroRIP software developed by Easy Group LLC in the United States and distributed by Ambitious Machinery (Pty) Ltd in the Southern Africa region under the co-brand name AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP®.

Currently the software is delivered via a USB dongle. We have stock at our warehouse in Johannesburg, and courier from there via a shipping company as with any of our other machines. Please note we are only shipping within the South African region.  You are also welcome to collect from our Jetpark branch in Johannesburg.

You can buy from Buythis Online Store, or contact sales from AM.CO.ZA.

AcroRIP has also been marketed by other names, which are well known as DTGRIP, DTFRIP, Partner RIP, Partner RIP Pro, UVRIP and TransferRIP . AM.CO.ZA is a registered trademark in South Africa and used by Ambitious Machinery (Pty) Ltd. AcroRIP, DTGRIP and DTFRIP are registered trademarks by Easy Group LLC.

Printers for AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® Software

AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® is compatible with a wide range of home / office Epson desktop printers you can check the Epson Printers for DTG/DTF available in South Africa.

Epson EcoTank series are the most popular choice. Epson has Micro Piezo Technology on their printheads, which use voltage to “squeeze” ink droplets out, instead of “thermal technology” other brands of printer use which heat up the ink, so it “expands” out. For either DTG, DTF or sublimation ink, heat is not a friend, so Epson Piezo printheads are a most suitable choice for the application.

We do not recommend and haven’t tested on other brands of home / office printers.

Large format printers come with their own RIP software, and you won’t be able to use AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® Software.

AM.CO.ZA is specialised in the Large Format Printers and Roller Heat Presses for large scale sublimation businesses. If you are scaling your business, please talk to the sales team at AM.CO.ZA

Printing Technology and Methods

In most sublimation processes, no white ink involved, therefore you don’t need AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® Software, a normal Epson EcoTank printer with original printer driver is good enough. However, you do need to fill Sublimation Inks and use Sublimation Papers for the process.

For the DTF Process you will need DTF Inks and DTF Adhesive Powder and film.

We suggest subscribing to the AM.CO.ZA youtube channel for training and demos also see and SoftwareTraining.co.za for software specific training videos. If you have specific questions, please talk to the sales team at AM.CO.ZA.

It is in the name DTF: stands for direct-to-film and DTG: stands for direct-to-garment and it specifies a process where the actual printing takes place. Each process has its own advantages and disadvantages.

See this AcroRIP® explainer also see the AM.CO.ZA youtube channel for other sublimation and training videos.

For most small operations that use Epson home/office printers, DTG involves modification of the printer which allows feeding of fabric material. And on the other hand, for DTF, you only need to change ink, therefore it’s a much easier process. And the result is also superb. DTF is a newer printing process and is taking the market by storm. If you are new to the printing business, choose DTF over DTG.

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DTF, or Direct-to-Film, is a revolutionary printing process that is gaining popularity in the printing industry. Unlike DTG, which stands for Direct-to-Garment, DTF involves a simpler process where you only need to change the ink, making it a much easier and more efficient option. With DTF, you can achieve high-quality prints without the need for complicated modifications to the printer. This newer printing process is taking the market by storm and is a great choice for those new to the printing business. If you are looking to capitalize on the printing revolution, DTF is the way to go. Unlock the full potential of your products or devices with DTF printing and achieve success in your printing business.