AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® Software update version V10.5

We are excited to announce the released of AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® DTGRIP® & DTFRIP® Software version V10.5.

V10.5 includes all the latest driver updates, improvements and fixes, as well as:

  • Selectable Media Options for XP-15000 / ET-8500 / ET-8550 (5 different media settings, to accommodate different types of media/film)
  • New Drivers including the Epson Photo R1800, Stylus Pro 4000

Furthermore, you can provide the update directly to all our customers who have purchased a previous authentic V10 AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® if they are having any issues or request the latest V10 version from you. Basically if you have a V10 dongle, you can upgrade to V10.5 version.

Latest version of AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® can be found on CNCU.CO.ZA

PLEASE NOTE: Please make sure to uninstall any previous version and DELETE the “DTGRIP” folder from “C” drive and then install the NEW version.

Only authentic AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® dongles will work with the latest V10.5 update.

If you need AM.CO.ZA® AcroRIP® Software you can purchase it directly from